Bernie Villagrana

Bernardino Villagrana Jr.

Bernardino Villagrana Jr.

Instrument . Guitarron

Years Playing Mariachi . Played Mariachi Since 1990

Years playing with Alegre . Going on 9 Years with Mariachi Alegre

Previous Groups played with .

  • Mariachi Osos Orgullosos
  • Mariachi Tradicion
  • Mariachi Quinto Sol

Occupation & # of years working . 12yrs + Teaching in the Ysleta Independent School District

Education (HS/Univ.) . Bachelor in Music Education with All-Level Certification in Texas

Small Bio on your life, experiences, anything you feel interesting.

My life-long goal is to have enough knowledge in my profession so I can inspire others to respect and maybe even join our wonderful music community.  There is such diversity in what one can do in this field.  I love mariachi because it gives me the performance experience I need.  Through it I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for our Mexican culture and history.  So much of it is written within the wonderful melodies and lyrics of our ballads,  sones, and especially our corridos.  I will never stop being a student of our vast pool of mariachi music.  This I also want to bring to the classroom.  Our youth needs support and direction now more than ever.  Todays teens have to be modern day renaissance men and women, meaning the jack of all trades.  Our new era is so multitasked that our youth is sometimes overloaded with information and activities.  Music should be an escape from the ordinary grind and instill creativity, self-discipline, and above all, happiness to last a life time.   To all starving musicians like myself.  Ask not what music can do for you, but what you can do with music.  I have yet to find the answer.  It is a wonderful quest!

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