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Mariachi Alegre has become one of the best and favorite mariachis in El Paso Texas entertaining since 1994. The musicality and versatility of the group only grows stronger as time passes and the group changes. Mariachi Alegre currently is gigging extensively in the El Paso area.

The members consist mostly now of University Graduates, a few from the original bunch!  They are professionals, husbands, wives, and parents that love performing and look forward to performing for a long time.  Alegre stands out in the sense that school always came first for its members.  Anyone and all who put education first was welcomed and encouraged to continue and finish, with the understanding that the level of performance of the group was to be held at the highest possible.  It is a tall order to fill, but one that all the members that have come and gone, have taken with stride, and a challenge.  A challenge that most members have met, and has managed to accomplish what previously had only been dreamt making this group one of the best Mariachis in El Paso, TX!!


Want to find out if Mariachi Alegre is available for your special occasion? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Enrique Aragon

(915) 204-8050

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